Watch the Mural Grow

Artist Britt Freda is painting the Vashon Audubon Bird Mural in Heron Meadow this summer. Watch this page to see her progress!

Now in the works: the Red-breasted Nuthatch. Stop by the Heron Meadow to watch Britt paint. Planned painting days are July 27-31 and August 10-14.
Photo: Julie Burman

What fun it was to watch the Swainson’s Thrush take shape!
Photos: Julie Burman

An aspiring violinist, Chloe, found a lovely place to practice in the Heron Meadow while Britt painted in the background.
Photo: Sandy Bishop

The Rufous Hummingbird is finished!

June 17 – Britt Freda starts the Vashon Audubon Bird mural honoring birds impacted by climate change.
Photo: Bianca Perla

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