Our focus

Vashon Audubon is currently focused on two priority areas: countering climate change and promoting native plants for birds.

Climate change is the biggest threat to birds because it is altering their habitats. In North America, 314 bird species could lose more than half of their current ranges by 2080 because of rising temperatures. These birds face steep population declines—or extinction.

In Washington, 189 species are at risk—including many that visit or live year-round on Vashon-Maury Island. We are already seeing impacts of climate change in our region: warming temperatures, decreasing mountain snowpack, more floods, rising seas, acidifying marine waters, and less water in summer.

Vashon Audubon is advocating for legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and is educating our local community about actions we can take to counter climate change.

Native plants in your yard can create a sanctuary for nesting and overwintering birds, as well as a place for migrating birds to recharge during their long journeys.

Why are native plants so important for our avian friends? To survive, birds need native plants and the insects that have co-evolved with them, for both food and shelter.

Vashon Audubon is informing our community about how to support birds and other wildlife by landscaping with native plants.

Cedar Waxwing photo by Kieran Enzian