Inspired by Earth Day?

Here are10 things you can do for birds…

  1. Have fun at work parties in the Judd Creek Preserve, where volunteers are improving bird habitat. Usually held on Thursdays; sometimes Saturdays.
  2. Come to our educational programs and hear excellent speakers. Usually held every-other month, and they’re free.
  3. Work with kids as part of the annual 4th-grade bird program, projects at the Vashon Library, visits to the Vashon Heritage Museum, and other events.
  4. Help collect data about Red-breasted Nuthatches and other birds for Climate Watch, a project that’s documenting the birds’ response to climate change.
  5. Take a bird walk led by a skilled leader. Held the third Saturday of each month.
  6. Survey Pigeon Guillemots, the only nesting cliff seabirds on the Island, to help study their success breeding.
  7. Be an advocate for bird-friendly legislative policies by talking with our local legislators and supporting key legislation.
  8. Submit your best bird photos for our annual calendar—a great way to make Islanders more aware of the birds around us.
  9. Help fresh-up the native plant demonstration garden behind the Heritage Museum.
  10. Volunteer for roles in the Vashon Audubon chapter. We need folks who can maintain our website, craft our newsletter, use your graphic design talent, use social media, make treats, and many other skills you might like to contribute.

We invite you to join us! Email us at

And you might like to plant a tree for birds! >>>

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