Native Habitat Garden is thriving

Vashon Audubon’s Native Habitat Garden, behind the Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Museum, is growing high and filling out.

It’s June, and the Henderson’s checkermallow and nodding onion are in bloom. The seashore lupine is spreading out, full of flowers and thriving in the center mound.

This month, new work is being completed on the garden pathway. Crushed gravel is making a more firm walking surface and making it continuous with the museum’s walkway, which is also being improved and resurfaced.

Once the museum walkway and patio are rebuilt, our “welcome” signage will finally be installed along the new walkway. Thank you to Bob Powell at Meadow Creature for making our beautiful new sign!

Next up is to install a small informational kiosk with an interpretive sign, and develop an online map and plant guide of the garden.

Stop by any time to enjoy this place and find ideas for providing bird habitat in your garden.

One Comment on “Native Habitat Garden is thriving

  1. Thanks everyone for all the work on this. The new walkway has really made a difference in how it all looks. And the signage will be so valuable to let people know what they are looking at. This will be a wonderfully accessible native plant garden for education and enjoyment.


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