Fall birding classes with Ed Swan

Register NOW for one of 15 places in a course for experienced birders with Ed Swan, Master Birder. Swan will offer classroom instruction followed by homework and a field trip in September, October, and November.

Dates are to be determined; classes will be in person or via Zoom, depending on levels of safety required by fall. Number of participants per field trip will also depend on safety requirements.

Course description:

  • Expand identification skills in the field
  • Increase ability to record data and publish records
  • Use citizen science methodology

Audubon members: $75; nonmembers: $100. Vashon Audubon is underwriting this class to support the creation of a cadre of birders who can take leadership roles in field trips, surveys, and beginning classes.

To register: Email sylvia@sylvansanctuary.com or text 206-399-0628.

4 Comments on “Fall birding classes with Ed Swan

  1. I am interested in the “Expand ID Skills in the Field” Class. Can you tell me what this class will entail.
    Thanks, Ellie


  2. I also would like to know more about the class content. I am a new birder, so wonder if the class is too advanced for me.


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