Birds of Vashon Island—images and songs

See photos of local birds and hear their songs!

About this video
Every year, we ask people to submit photos for our Birds of Vashon-Maury Island calendar. We get hundreds of submissions, some from children as young as 7, others from photographers with decades of experience. With so many wonderful images—more than a calendar can hold—we decided to share some of them here. By coupling many of the birds with recordings of their songs and calls, this delightful video can help you identify Island birds by sight and sound.

All of these photos were taken on or around Vashon-Maury Island by local photographers. We thank them for sharing their beautiful photos with our community!

This video includes several corrections made July 5, 2020.

For a larger view, go to

12 Comments on “Birds of Vashon Island—images and songs

  1. Thank you for this. I absolutely loved it! We have so many of these songbirds at our feeders. ☺️


  2. This is just a treasure trove of sound and sightings of the birds of our area! Thank you!


  3. This video – bird photography show with bird songs is a delight to view and listen to. It is also a wonderful opportunity to learn about our dear local bird species. Thank you so much for creating this video.


  4. This is a wonderful, enjoyable and helpful video. Hearing and seeing the birds hold still so my failing hearing and vision gets a good look will help me learn and enjoy the birds in my yard. Thank you. I hope you do more – perhaps one appropriate for each season.


  5. What a great homeschooling tool!!!! Young and old alike! Thank you!


  6. one of my aunts shared the video on Facebook, and enjoyed every minute of it ~~~ i love nature sounds, and it helps me with music composition ~~~ great work with picts and sounds and number of species included ~ cheers


  7. This was terrific! Very well done. I’d like to do something similar for Eastside Audubon. Thanks for posting it.


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