Learn how to use native plants to attract and support birds

Vashon Audubon is offering two sets of free classes for Island residents to learn about native plants that birds favor—and how to plant them so the plants and birds will thrive.

1. Hands-on creation of a demonstration garden
The first set of classes is hands-on: an opportunity to help create a demonstration garden for improving bird habitat at the Vashon Heritage Museum. Participants will dig and remove invasive plants at the site on Saturday, Jan. 11; create mounds and add woody debris on Saturday, Jan. 25; and plant natives on Feb. 1. The work will be done from 9 a.m.-12 p.m.; participants can come for all or some of the time. Refreshments will be provided.

Interested? Contact Dana Schuerholz at vashongreenschool@gmail.com

2. Classroom presentations and field trips
The second set of classes provides classroom presentations and discussions, followed by field trips to Island properties and instruction on proper planting.

In the first class, on Thursday, Jan. 23, participants will learn about the benefits of 18 native ground covers and shrubs, the light and soil conditions they require, and which birds are attracted to them. This class includes a drawing—winners will get plants to take home.

The second class, on Wednesday, Feb. 19, is focused more on birds: the life history and interesting facts about Island birds, how they use native plants, and at what time of year.

These two classes will be held at the Land Trust Building from 7-8:30 pm.

On Saturday, March 28, participants will visit two properties with gardens, wetlands, and/or forest and learn planting and siting techniques.

To learn more or sign up for this set of classes, contact Sylvia Soholt at sylvia@sylvansanctuary.com

Photo of Cedar Waxwing on serviceberry by Jim Diers


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