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Revision to Vashon-Maury Island Audubon Society Chapter Bylaws
The Vashon-Maury Island Audubon Society has recently completed a major revision to the Chapter's Constitution and Bylaws, which is the document that lays out the rules and procedures that determine how the organization is structured and operates. This revision was undertaken for the following reasons: the desire to remove or amend policies that were once required of Chapters by the National Audubon Society but are now outdated, to allow for greater flexibility in the manner in which we communicate with our membership, and to accurately reflect the practices of the organization that have evolved over time.

These changes to the Bylaws were unanimously approved by the Board of Directors at the April 2017 Board meeting, and will now be presented to the membership for final approval at the upcoming annual membership meeting on June 8 at the Land Trust building. As this revision entails changes to many areas of the document, we wish to avoid having to print hundreds of copies of both the old and new versions that will result in the use of a substantial amount of paper. Given that these documents will likely be read once and then discarded, this seems like a poor use of resources for an environmental organization.

Therefore, we are instead providing PDF files of the full text of both versions of the Constitution and Bylaws on the Chapter's website that can be downloaded (and printed, if desired). These files can be found here:

Revised Constitution and Bylaws

Current Constitution and Bylaws

Any member who would like to receive printed copies of the documents can contact the Nominating Committee Chair, Ezra Parker, at 206-463-0383, and we will arrange to either send them via mail or, if preferred, hand-deliver them.

Here is a list of the major changes that were made in this revision:

  • In Article II of the Constitution, the Chapter's mission statement was inserted at the beginning, and the provisions regarding commitments that were originally present in Article VI of the Bylaws (see below) were added at the end.
  • Article I of the Bylaws was changed to stipulate that Vashon Audubon Chapter membership is distinct and separate from National Audubon Society membership, with different dues, rights and privileges for each type of membership.
  • Article II of the Bylaws was changed to allow for a minimum of five member meetings per year rather than six, to conform to the Washington State statute regarding the required lead time for notification of member meetings, and to allow for electronic notifications (e.g., via email) for members who prefer this to notification by mail.
  • Article III of the Bylaws was changed to make Board membership optional for chairpersons of Standing Committees, and to increase the term of the Treasurer to two years.
  • Article V of the Bylaws was changed to remove the Newsletter and Publicity Standing Committees, and to combine their functions under a new Communication Committee.
  • Article VI of the Bylaws was removed (with its provisions integrated into the Constitution as noted above), and subsequent Articles were renumbered accordingly.