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To enjoy, learn about, and preserve the diverse natural habitats of these islands and beyond.
About Vashon-Maury Island Audubon Society

The Vashon-Maury Island Audubon Society was founded in 1989. From the beginning, our membership included individuals of diverse ages and backgrounds who shared a common interest in nature and an enthusiasm for the very special environment of Vashon and Maury Islands. Today, at any one of our program meetings, you will find birders of all skill levels, wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts, environmental activists, and people who simply enjoy listening to our guest speakers and socializing with other members.

Our chapter has been busy over the years. For example, we developed a successful campaign to publicize the importance of shade-grown coffee for the preservation of migratory songbird habitat. And in response to the National Audubon Society’s Important Bird Area (IBA) program, one of our members conducted an intensive study of the wintering Western Grebe population in Quartermaster Harbor.

When the Harbor was subsequently designated an Important Bird Area, it focused attention not only on the Western Grebe but on the delicate ecosystem of the harbor itself. More recently, we partnered with the Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust to establish a permanent preserve for birds and other wildlife at Christensen Pond. This preserve ensures protection of the Christensen Creek watershed headwaters and helps protect recharge of Vashon’s sole source aquifer. While the Land Trust did the lion’s share of the fund-raising to acquire the site, our chapter is responsible for annual monitoring and stewardship.

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