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Camp Sealth, Paradise Cove/Bates Road, and Reddings Beach

These three locations provide trips through wet coniferous forest or mixed woods down to views of Colvos Passage.  Camp Sealth is a Girl Scout Camp requiring permission before a visit. 

Along the wet woods and gullies of both Camp Sealth and Bates Road in winter, watch carefully for Hermit Thrush.  The two locations at times offer a wide variety of loons, grebes and ducks or nothing at all. 

Reddings Beach has a small marsh attracting a variety of passerines as well as views of marine birds.  Spotted Sandpiper visit all three locations throughout the year.

To reach these roads, take Wax Orchard Road south from its northern point at 220th.  Reddings Beach Road is .9 miles from 220th, Bates Road is 1.9 miles from 220th and Camp Sealth is 2.7 miles from 220th

To reach Reddings Beach from Wax Orchard Road, take Reddings Beach Road one mile west and turn right onto Cross Landing Road, follow it to its end at the beach in about two hundred yards.  To reach these roads from the Tahlequah ferry, go north 1.8 miles on Vashon Highway from the ferry dock.  At that point, the highway curves to the right. 

To reach Wax Orchard and Old Mill Road, instead go straight ahead onto Wax Orchard Road.  Follow Wax Orchard road another .6 miles to Camp Sealth, 1.4 miles to Bates Road and 2.4 miles to Reddings Beach Road. 

From Birds of Vashon Island by Ed Swan, Vashon birding guide 206-463-7976

Photo by Richard Rogers